Entry #2

RPG In the distance!

2008-05-16 04:46:45 by UGotFlashed

Hey everyone, I've got all the scripting knowledge I need to make an RPG except: 1. I don't know how to make a walking animation appear when you're moving a Movie clip with the arrow keys. 2. I HAVE REALLY BAD GRAPHICS!! If you could be of help at all please comment below.


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2008-05-20 05:12:35

I hope it's as good as your other game!

UGotFlashed responds:

Thanks man, I noticed you put as one of your favorite artists :)


2008-06-11 05:02:27

Graphics don't make a game, at least, I don't think so. Try to learn the walking animation a bit. It's not that hard. When your character moves, just "play" his MovieClip (just like you probably move it with this.x (this_x), say this.gotoAndPlay() etc. Same with the jump thingy. Your character will be like this:

frame 1: stop (stand still 'animation')
frame 2-10: walk animation, frame 10 has a "gotoAndPlay(2)
frame 11-x: jump animation, easiest is to make this as long as you're in the air

In your code, with the key-down handelers (to move your character), you can handle which frame your character has to play.

Google is your friend, try some terms.

http://flashgameu.com/ is a nice site with a nice book for (simple) games, you should try that.


2008-06-11 06:55:10

hey man phone home will be a cool game when the bugs are fixed. Then resubmit !